Blanco Silgranit Sinks

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Why Should You Choose a BLANCO Sink?

  • So why should I worry about what kind of sink I put into my kitchen?
    70% of your time spent in the kitchen is spent at the sink. You prepare food, wash and cut vegetables, and clean up using your sink. These important tasks need to be as efficient as possible and no kitchen is complete without a sink.

    Sensible space utilization, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning – BLANCO sinks incorporate these benefits into all products – with outstanding design to top it off.

  • So what is a BLANCO sink?
    A BLANCO sink is ultra-durable and made of a patented substance called SILGRANIT. SILGRANIT consists of natural granite. The granite is combined with an acrylic matrix, ceramic, and color pigments.

    A BLANCO SILGRANIT sink is the most cleanable sink available on the market today and resists scratches, stains, chips and heat up to 536° F. It is also resistant to acids and alkalis, easy to maintain, colored all the way through and guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Do sinks made of SILGRANIT discolor over time?
    No. BLANCO SILGRANIT sinks are caste in a single pouring, and so is colored through completely. Normal household use will not cause any palpable changes in color, nor will the color fade when set by a window in direct sunlight.
  • Is the material heat resistant?
    Yes it is heat resistant up to 536°F.
  • How sensitive is SILGRANIT to scratches and chipping?
    Hard as stone making it resistant to scratching and cutting, SILGRANIT can withstand those normal impacts and blows caused by pots and pans and falling objects, and will not cause cracks or chips.
  • Is the material safe for use with food?
    Yes, SILGRANIT is completely aseptic.
  • How do I clean the surface?
    Simply use a sponge with water. You can use dish soap but for the most part SILGRANIT is easy to keep clean with water.
  • What can cause the dark marks and lines in the sink?
    Because the surface of SILGRANIT is very hard and extremely wear resistant, metal objects (pots, saucepans, skillets, etc.) can leave marks where they rub against it. These marks show up dark on a light-colored sink.
  • How do I remove these marks?
    These marks are easy to remove using a scouring sponge and a little water. For more stubborn marks, we recommend the use of a commercial scouring powder or liquid.
  • Can discoloration and stains/marks occur on SILGRANIT?
    No. Discoloration and marks/stains are the result of limescale deposits that, when dry, absorb liquids such as coffee, tea or red wine. This then creates the impression of discoloration of the sink surface.
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